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World War II And The Cold War - 902 Words

Events throughout history have either been influenced by some form of ideas and ideologies, or the desire for power, wealth, and land. The events that lead up to and occurred during World War II and the Cold War have been affected by both influences. Throughout both events, the strongest influence both events faced was the desire for land, power and wealth. World War II was a major conflict that affected the world, leaving behind several casualties, broken cities, and death. Under Adolf Hitler’s control, Nazi Germany sought to conquer and control Europe as a dominant race. Hitler singled out and blamed the Jewish population and â€Å"labeled them the cause of all of the nation’s ills† (Upshur, 863). From the beginning, the German Jews were deprived of jobs, stripped of their civil rights, and forced to mark themselves and their buildings with the Star of David. Soon after, the Jews were being attacked by mobs, murdered and forced to emigrate. The Nazis final att empt to rid Germany, and the world, of the Jewish populations, was by capturing the Jews and imprisoning them in labor camps, or Concentration Camps. Hitler did not stop there, anyone who hid Jews or opposed the Nazis was executed or brought to the camps as well. Hitler’s attempt to purify the German race by weeding out the inferior people was an act of Scientific Racism (Upshur, 863). His ideas and ideology of the German nation helped to justify his actions, but conquering and controlling Europe was his main goal.Show MoreRelatedWorld War II : The Cold War978 Words   |  4 PagesAfter World War II came to a stop in the mid-20th century, a new rivalry began known as the Cold War. This battle sorrowed the world’s two great powers the democratic, capitalist United States and the communist Soviet Union against each other. Beginning in the late 1950s, space would become another tense stage for this competition, as each side wanted to prove the superiority of its technolo gy, its military firepower and by extension its political-economic system. There were a lot that led up priorRead MoreThe World War II And The Cold War1199 Words   |  5 Pagesfollow the end of World War II. The imperialism they discussed was one of political and commercial influence as a way to control territories, instead of the colonial method. The colonial empires remained devastated following the events of World War II and, the dawn of Stalin and Churchill’s new imperialism would spark the Cold War between the economically powerful United States and the politically frightening Soviet Union. This post World War II Imperialism divided the world into three positionsRead MoreThe Cold War On World War II1264 Words   |  6 PagesFrom numerous points of view, the Cold War started even before the weapons fell quiet in Germany and in the Pacific in 1945. Suspicion and doubt had characterized U.S. - Soviet relations for a considerable length of time and reemerged when the cooperation against Adolf Hitler who was chancellor of Germany during World Wa r 2, was no more. The belief system and dreams of the after war world anticipated U.S. president Harry S Truman and Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin from cooperating. Stalin expectedRead MoreThe Cold War And The World War II872 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the World War II through the present, the Cold War and the Globalization impacted a lot both positive and negative sides for the national world. The Cold War was a remarkable time for not only Germany and Globalization was a big shift for the world. From that, people defined Cold War as a division and Globalization as integration. So why do people define two events like that? The Cold War was simile as a division, especially when it came to Germany. As we all know, Germany was divided intoRead MoreWorld War II : The Cold War1087 Words   |  5 PagesWorld War II was devastating to all powers involved, but especially to the countries of Europe who had a war raging in their backyard. After the war ended, the world was a disaster, with economic and political policies destroyed. However, the tension that encompassed the world did not pass with the ending of the war; instead, it grew under the surface, strengthening animosity between countries with differing views, particularly the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the United StatesRead MoreWorld War II And The Cold War916 Words   |  4 PagesOn a cold March morning on the 5th of 1953 Stalin lay in his bed surrounded by his personal doctors the great uncle Joe Stalin had been laid to rest euthanized by his doctors. He had grown up a member of the communist party more so a member as a means to power then a true believer in the doctrine. He would soon see this position put him in charge of the entirety of the newly named USSR (United Soviet Socialts Republic). He would steer the country through the horrors of World War II and he would consolidateRead MoreThe World War II And The Cold War1247 Words   |  5 Pagesof providing for the nation while at war. Although war’s affect may touch upon many aspects of life not only in America but any nation at war, blurred lines take the place of division between the civilian and military and economics. Private and public economics blend together, partly due to the massive spending dedicated to weapons and warfare, biological and traditional. The groundwork for this blended infrastructure was laid before World War II and the Cold War; conversely, there are more roadblocksRead MoreWorld War II : The Cold War962 Words   |  4 PagesSoon after World War II ended in the mid-20th century, a new rivalry started known as the Cold W ar. This battle aroused enmity between the world’s two great powers the democratic, capitalist United States and the communist Soviet Union. In the late 1950s, space became center stage for this competition, as each side left no stone unturned to prove the superiority of its technology, military firepower and political-economic system. There was a lot that led up to the space race. The United States cameRead MoreThe World War II : The Cold War2518 Words   |  11 Pagesmostly due to World War II. America and the Soviets were both excellent examples of terrible relationships. They both started in World War II fighting alongside together. This entire time the Communism presented by the Soviets frightened America. America’s worries were mainly because of the tyrannical leadership by Joseph Stalin. Finally, the Cold War began after Soviet continued to expand and the US became more worried. There were very high tensions leading up to the Cold War and during. ThereRead MoreWorld War II : The Cold War882 Words   |  4 PagesAs a result of World War II, Germany was divided between the four most triumphant allies. The United States, France, and Britain shared West Germany. On the other hand, East Germany was occupied by the communist Soviet Union. In the center of the Soviet side, these four countries sp lit the city of Berlin as well. The French, British, and Americans contained the west zone of Berlin, while the Soviets contained the east of Berlin, in the same manner that they had split the entire country. As soon

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A Audience About Issues With Fraud And Scandals - 1909 Words

Specific purpose: To inform my audience about issues with fraud and scandals in business and how employers and employees of organizations can set measures in place to limit, if not eliminate fraud and scandals from occurring. Introduction I. What’s the first thing that pops up in your mind when the word â€Å"scandal† or â€Å"fraud† is brought up? Going into accounting as a major I am constantly thinking of all the big cases of fraud that have happened in the past for various businesses such as Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, just to mention a few. These cases of fraud are the reason why we must end fraud. II. Fraud is unavoidable, but businesses must do all that they can to keep fraud to a minimum in business. III. I will talk about various issues concerning business scandals and fraud. A. First, I will talk about what promotes or inspires individuals to commit fraud. B. Second, I will talk about some of the larger examples of fraud and scandals in businesses. C. Lastly, I will list the various ways businesses and organizations can implement both internal as well as external control measures in order to avoid another WorldCom or Enron fraud case from happening again. Transition: First, I will explain what inspires or promotes people in businesses to commit fraud. Body I. Fraud happens in businesses more often than people think, but what really inspires people to commit fraud? A. â€Å"The fraud triangle is a model for explaining the factors that cause someone to commit occupationalShow MoreRelatedFun with Dick and Jane Essay1547 Words   |  7 Pagesmore or less being raised by the housekeeper, Blanca. The family is living in a culture of high powered, high paying jobs, high tech appliances and high stress living. Dick and Jane have it all and they can’t get enough of it. The first ethical issue that is identified in the movie is Globodyne’s fraudulent and dishonest financial dealings. One day, Dick is called up to the prominent 51st floor of Globodyne where he gets the promotion he has been dreaming of; he is now the Vice President of CommunicationsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article Balancing The Books 1172 Words   |  5 Pagesthe accounting practices of large corporations such as the Adelphia, Enron, and WorldCom debacles in the early 2000’s. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) estimates that occupational fraud losses cost organizations $994 billion annually (â€Å"Report to the Nation, 2014). The accounting scandals, the growing occurrences of occupational fraud and the changing needs of the legal society are the driving force behind an emerging new class of specialized accounting professionals- Forensic AccountantsRead MoreThe Independent Electoral Commission1743 Words   |  7 PagesTable of Contents Introduction 2 Issues the IEC faces 2 IEC Financing, funding and accounting 3 Modern solution to the Ballot problem 4 Conclusion 5 References 6 â€Æ' Introduction The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa faces many challenges regarding its operational logistical capabilities. These challenges become even more apparent during the national, provincial and municipal elections. Being able to maintain a neutral stance in its behaviour and ensure that employees adhereRead MoreHow Industrial Norms And Conditions That Matter On Television Content1837 Words   |  8 Pages For these reasons, shows like Sex and the City were able to air on HBO despite their explicit sexual content, very narrow audiences, shortened season length, and flexible content length (also due to lack of commercials), which had further artistic consequences in that more money could be spent on fewer episodes, giving them greater production values despite a small audience. Short Essays: 1) Pat Weaver’s programming strategy during his time as NBC’s president (1949-55) was to focus on expandingRead MoreEthical Guidelines For The Marketing Industry1562 Words   |  7 Pageschildren promoting junk foods. The corporation was sued for unethical marketing because of a concerned mother who felt McDonald’s had invaded her children’s minds through deception in the advertisements. She was shocked her kids continually nagging her about eat at McDonalds, which proves their campaign was working. The marketing strategy was effective in that they took the leadership away from the parents who usually make the decisions and placed in into the kids (Rucki). McDonalds also has in place toysRead MoreThe Role Of External Environment On Firms1042 Words   |  5 Pagesand indirect. The media has been so influential in the recent year that it can influence people about what to think (Wanta, Golan, Lee, 2004). According to McCombs and Shaw (1972), the most im portant influence of media is the agenda setting perspective about issues that are deemed most important. Therefore, media campaigns that are properly designed can change the knowledge and behavior of the audience. Previous studies have found out that media influences the culture of a society and reflects theRead MoreDoes Political Journalism Affect The Uk Adequately Serve The Needs Of A Democratic Political System?1455 Words   |  6 Pagesstrongly in the UK than in countries such as Germany or China. There is an obvious distinction between what each citizen would choose to read about. The middle class and business sector have a preference for the ‘free market’ policies such as privitisation, disposal of the welfare state, trade liberalisation. Whereas the working class would prefer to read about trade unions, social movements, the environment, labour standards and public services. As each different paper hold an affiliation to differentRead MoreThe Field Of Business Administration Essay1360 Words   |  6 Pages to utilize our own personal values in order to help shape a realistic vision that all of us can achieve together. Because business administration is a competitive field, there are no grounds for complacency; one has to constantly be enthusiastic about growth in order to progress. An individual needs to know what he can and can not control, in order to improve on the factors that can be controlled. A team needs to establish healthy relationships within each individual, and then develop mutual respectRead MoreThe Role of Arthur Birling in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley1133 Words   |  5 PagesRole of Arthur Birling in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley I am going to investigate the role of Arthur Birling in the play â€Å"An Inspector calls. Arthur Birling is the head of the family, he is rich and bad-tempered. He doesn’t care about anyone unless they are making him look good or richer. He is a very traditional man, and within his family, he likes to believe that what he says goes. Mr Birling is a pompous man in his mid fifties. At the beginning of the play,Read MoreEssay on A Proposal for Major League Baseball1022 Words   |  5 Pagesmost fans would say when talking about some of the greatest hitters in baseball history. From 1976 to 2014 the list of names that have been investigated has multiply and more will be on the list. Names that hold titles like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Jason Giambi and many more faced or still facing accusations of using steroids. â€Å"March 17, 2005 - Six former and current Major League Baseball stars testify before the House Committee on Government Reform about drugs in baseball. They include

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The Nose is Smart Nitric Oxide Dynamics in the Airway free essay sample

A paper which shows the results of an experiment measuring the production, circulation, and reuptake of endogenously produced Nitric Oxide in the human upper airway. It was hypothesized that if nitric oxide (NO) was involved in the temperature and humidity conditioning of nasal air, then its release from the nasal passages into the lumen of the upper respiratory airway should vary between inhalation and exhalation. The author of this paper further hypothesized that nasal nitric oxide release varies during wakefulness and sleep, being decreased at night due to both a reduction in nitric oxide release into the nasal passages and increased uptake of NO by the lower respiratory tract. The paper shows that through human testing and modeling, the release of NO was shown to be greater upon inhalation than exhalation. It discusses that since this is contrary to passive physics there must be an active mechanism behind this process which preserves nasal patency and conditions nasal air. We will write a custom essay sample on The Nose is Smart: Nitric Oxide Dynamics in the Airway or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Nitric oxide (NO) is a ubiquitous compound with important functions in the immune, nervous, and cardiopulmonary systems. In the respiratory tract it plays a role in ciliary beat frequency, mucus secretion, bronchodilation and vasodilation(1). Endogenously produced nitric oxide has been found in the exhaled air of humans and the majority of exhaled NO originates in the nasal passages(2). As a nonpolar molecule, it has a low solubility in comparison to other gases. Its Henrys Law constant koH (mol/kg*bar) is reported to be 0.0019 by Lide and Frederikse(3). This low solubility in combination with a concentration gradient drives the NO out of the nasal mucosa and into the airway.

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Spanish Armada Essay Research Paper Spanish ArmadaSpainthe free essay sample

Spanish Armada Essay, Research Paper Spanish Armada Spain-the most powerful state in the universe is endangering the much weaker state of England. The British are about belly-up, have legion rebellion jobs, and a much weaker ground forces than the Spaniards. This was the state of affairs in the late sixteenth century. The tenseness between Philip II and Elizabeth escalated until it finally resulted in war. The struggle between Spain and England had many causes. First, Philip II wanted to change over England to Catholicism. King Philip II had a dream about unifying Catholic Europe against the Turks and Moors who had been terrorising Christians throughout Europe. With England defying his menaces, the lone manner to change over was to assail ( Invincible: Online ) . We will write a custom essay sample on Spanish Armada Essay Research Paper Spanish ArmadaSpainthe or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Besides, Elizabeth awarded many plagiarists who stole wealths from Spanish ships returning from the new universe. The most celebrated of which was Sir Frances Drake. He was ill-famed to all Spanish merchandisers and drop some 30 Spanish ships before the war even started ( Spanish: Online ) . Last, King Philip felt the demand to once once more become King of England. He was King of England for four old ages ( 1584-1588 ) while being married to Mary I. She died of all of a sudden without calling and inheritor so her younger sister, Elizabeth, took her topographic point as Queen. King Philip II of Spain felt that he was the rightful swayer of England. Besides, Mary Queen of Scots named Philip II as her replacement. Since she was executed, the Spanish male monarch felt the English throne was truly his. He felt the demand to restore himself as the rightful King of England. He, hence, proposed to the new Queen, Elizabeth I, several times. Elizabeth declined his proposals and accordingly s parked tenseness between the two leaders. Philip s want to go the King of England, his privation to change over all Europe Name 2 to Catholicism, and the Spanish King s failed matrimony proposals were all grounds for the struggle between the Spanish and the British in the late sixteenth century ( Spanish: Online ) . Before the war began, each state had considerable advantages over each other. First, Spain was much wealthier than England. With wealths continuously pouring in from the freshly discovered western universe, Spain had an about limitless sum of money to pass on their naval forces. Another advantage for the Spaniards was their existing power ( Donald 466 ) . They intimidated most of their enemies because of their already great military. At the clip, Spain was considered the most powerful state in Europe. Their 150 ships outnumbered England s 132 ( Spanish 358 ) . An advantage for the English was Spain s tremendous pride. The state thought it was unbeatable and could neer be defeated, but careful planning and readying on England s behalf proved them incorrect. Spain # 8217 ; s pride was besides and advantage for the English because the Spanish made their invasion no secret. They boasted about how they were shortly to assail the English and how the British stood no opportunity. They were so confident of their ability to take over Britain that 19 justnesss and 50 decision makers went with the fleet to assist function as the new English authorities once the state was defeated. Their fleet even consisted of more priests than volunteered crewmans. Even though Spain s ships greatly outnumbered the English ships, the conflict tactics of and preparation the British helped them to butcher the Spaniards in the war ( Spanish: Online ) . The traditional manner of sea conflict was for ships to come within close scope of one another, board each other s ships, and fight hand-to-hand, but the English used a different method to get the better of the Spanish. Sir Francis Drake changed this method by developing his crewmans to contend by utilizing long scope guns and adept ship managing. They could so efficaciously destruct the Spanish fleet without seting their ain ships in hazard. Another advantage for the English was the decease of Santa Cruz, Spain s Name 3 Lord High Admiral. The Duke of Medina Sidonia took his topographic point even though he was neither a soldier nor a crewman. The advantages each state had over the other played a big function in their bloody struggle. The well-trained English easy defeated huge Numberss of Spanish ships. The conflict started when 150 Spanish ships were sent away to assail the British ( Spanish: Online ) . Their program was to traverse the English Channel and set down an ground forces in Sussex in the southeast corner of England. They would assist the English Catholics to arise, put free the popular, captive Mary Queen of the Scots free, and coronate her Queen of England after killing Elizabeth. Since Mary was out of the blue killed, the program was changed to hold King Philip II regulation England in her topographic point. However, the conditions was non in the favour of the Spanish fleet. Awful air currents forced the ships to dock along the oral cavity of the Tagus River ( see map on page 6 ) . After two hebdomads at the Tagus River oral cavity, they set sail one time once more. About three hebdomads after puting canvas one time once more, they were forced to seek shelter in Corunna ( see map on page 6 ) beca usage of atrocious conditions conditions which had scattered the Armada. The fleet took about a month to reassemble and mend. Finally, the Armada approached the English seashore. When the English received word of their progress, Sir Francis Drake sent out to cut them off with merely 54 ships. Because of the rain, it made it impossible to find the place of any other ship, hence barely a cannon was fired. Here, the English acquired 2,000 cannon balls and 140 barrels of gunpowder from two Spanish ships which had collided with one another. As the English followed the Spanish due north, two more squadrons, the Dover Squadron and Lord Howard s Squadron, joined Sir Francis Drake ( Invincible: Online ) . Now the English about equaled the Spanish in Numberss with 134 ships. The Armada continued along the English Channel until they received word that they could non dock their ships at their designated location. Alternatively, they anchored off at Calais Name 4 ( see map on page 6 ) . When the English heard of this, they decided that it was clip to take the violative. The English sagely used the Spanish fright fire ships ( firing ships sent to hit anchored oppositions ) against them. Since ground tackles took a long clip to raise out of the H2O, the Spanish planned to cut the them off from the boats and sail off rapidly, attaching the ground tackles to buoys so they could be retrieved shortly after the onslaught. The English, detecting this advantage, filled eight old ships with combustible stuff and waited for air current and tide ( Spanish: Online ) . When the fire ships came near to the Armada, they overheated and exploded. This terrified the Spanish into doing errors while seeking to rapidly acquire away. With it being pitch black, many ships in the fleet collided and were severely damaged. When the ships returned to Calais, they found, to their discouragement, that the buoys had been cut off their ground tackles by the English. With no ground tackles, many ships went off coarse during the undermentioned darks, and merely 1/10th of the Armada remained on coarse. The English, hearing this, decided to do an full-scale onslaught. The Spanish and English ships were about 100 paces apart, which was a definite advantage for the English because of their highly accurate cannons. With the air current behind them, and at close scope, they blew immense holes in the Spanish hulls. During this conflic t, three Spanish ships were sunk, a twelve more severely damaged, 600 Spanish crewmans were killed and at least 800 were wounded ( Spanish: Online ) . After nine hours hours of conflict, enormous cloudbursts of rain ended the Spanish naval slaughter. After the conflict, the Spanish ships were easy being blown towards shore. If they landed, they would non be able to easy put canvas once more, and they could non halt because they had no ground tackle ( Invincible: Online ) . Their fortune changed when a sou-west air current blew them off from the shore. The air current, one time once more changed their coarse for the worse. They were blown northerly and forced to travel around Britain and Name 5 attempt to assail on the western seashore. They attempted a twosome more foraies on the western seashore of England and Ireland with no success. The staying ships took several old ages to eventually make Spain because of awful conditions. Over the following 10 old ages, Philip II sent two other fleets to assail the English. Both were about wholly destroyed by the air currents of destiny. This was thought, by some, to be a mark by God. The English greatly surprised the universe with its triumph over the much more powerful state of Spain. There were many of import consequences of the struggle between Spain and England. First, Britain became the most powerful state in Europe. They were no longer a 2nd rate state. They had defeated the strongest ground forces in Europe. Besides, the result of the war made many common people question their ain faith. Now that Britain, a Protestant state, had defeated Spain, an Catholic state, many people began believing that God was Protestant. Last, the result of this war proved to Philip II that a adult female could be a successful swayer ( Spain: Online ) . Elizabeth I, a adult female, defeated his ground forces, and made England one of the most powerful states in the universe at the clip turn outing that adult females could be great leaders. A little, hapless, state is attacked by a much larger, more powerful state. The whole war was a gag. The hapless state, England, prevailed, and slaughtered the more powerful state, Spain. Money and power do non intend anything unless they are accompanied by mind. Name 6 Work Cited Donald, Ozment Steven, and Frank Turner. The Spanish Armada. The Western Heritage. 5th erectile dysfunction. 1991. The Invincible Armada. 29 Aug. 2000. The Karpeles Manuscript Library. 2 Oct 2000. . Spanish Armada. 25 Sept. 2000. Coshie Free Essays. 29 Sept 2000. . The Spanish Armada. 30 Aug 2000. European Historical Society. 1 Oct. 2000. Spanish Armada. Grolier Encyclopedia of Knowledge. 1981. 324

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Air Pollution in Colombia. Essay Example

Air Pollution in Colombia. Essay Example Air Pollution in Colombia. Paper Air Pollution in Colombia. Paper Essay Topic: Air pollution Air pollution has become one of the most important concerns of the local authorities of Latin- American cities. Bogota, like as other urban centers in South America such as SAA Paulo, Mexico City and Santiago De Chile, shows significant levels of air pollution, levels that may represent a high risk for the populations health and certainly a reduction in the quality of life of its inhabitants. Bogota, capital of Colombia, is one of the largest cities of Latin America; with a population of around 6. Lion and an annual growth rate of 2. 081 percent it is the largest urban center in Colombia; it also has the highest rates of environmental deterioration of the country. Air pollution has increased dramatically lately, due mainly to the uncontrolled increase in the number of vehicles in the city. Although air pollution has been monitored in Bogota since 1 967, it wasnt until 1 990 that the monitoring stations were spread widely throughout the city. At that time the Secretary of Health of the District with the collaboration of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (CIA) pursued a study in order to determine the air quality of the city. This study concluded that the most important source of pollution in Bogota was automobiles; 70% of the pollution could be attributed to cars. Another very important source of pollution was found to be bricks and battery plants, among others. The study conducted with the support of CIA identified for the first time the imposition of air pollution in Bogota and its principal components. These were identified to be the following: Sulfur Dioxide (SYS), Nitrogen Oxides (Knox), Total Suspended Particles (TTS), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HOC), and Ozone (03). It was estimated that 75% of the pollutants annual emissions correspond to Particulate Matter. The study determined that the levels of CO, HOC, SYS and Particulate Matter were not above the limits defined as safe by the WHO. This led to CIA s inclusion that: in 1990-1991 air pollution in Bogota did not reach levels of concern to the local authorities. Nevertheless, the rapid growth in the number of cars in Bogota during the last decade originated additional interest in this matter.

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A summary on the book Not a Drop to drink by Ken Midkiff on the main Essay

A summary on the book Not a Drop to drink by Ken Midkiff on the main economic issues relevant to enviromental economics - Essay Example The second cause is wrong choice of crops and wrong encouragement of such choice. Midkiff points out that whereas about 50% of the U.S. population were engaged in agriculture in the early 1900s, that number has dwindled to just 1% at present (Midkiff, 36). While also blaming growing of crops like soya beans, corn and wheat on lands where irrigation is fed by depleting aquifers (Midkiff, 52), he heaps heavy blame on the â€Å"water guzzling† rice crop (Midkiff, 50), saying rice is a wrong crop choice as it needs a huge amount of water. For example, in Central Valley, California, rice has largely contributed to the water shortage; the Valley, once previously a desert, blossomed with agricultural abundance brought about by the supply of underpriced water as a result of old fashioned, lobby-driven farm grants from the government {for example, in 2005, government grants totaled $ massive 143 billion (Midkiff, 46)}. Midkiff warns that if no remedial action is quickly taken, huge tra cts of California land will revert to desert condition (Midkiff, 45). The third cause is population increase. Midkiff says the U.S. population is continually increasing and consumption of water per person is also increasing (Midkiff, 53), creating the problem of â€Å"too many people in a dry land that cannot support its population† (Midkiff, 54). The fourth cause is privatization. Blaming water privatization for causing â€Å"consternation, controversy and outcry throughout the world† (Midkiff, 92), Midkiff declares that it will only increase the water bills payable by the common people. The last cause is global warming that is increasingly throwing the patterns and volume of global water resources into disarray. Midkiff blames the burning of fossil fuels in coal power plants and in the nation’s millions of cars as the main producer of carbon dioxide that is polluting the atmosphere and leading to